This site contains excerpts with some additions, updates or deletions from my recent book which you can see more info about or order in e-reader or soft cover (480 pp.) by clicking this image of the cover

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This book was written over a period of 35 years (1979 - 2014). Price is only US$10 for the e version or $19.95 for the softcover paper version, plus shipping (postage). If clicking on the book cover image does not work, the link is http://www.Booklocker.com/5920

In this website (much nore detail in the book) I cover the following topics:

1. BEST AND WORST UFO CASES. A summary of the top half dozen "bad cases" (mostly hoaxes or otherwise debunked) and the top half dozen which still cannot be explained and may be good evidence of unidentified, ultra high performance (alien?) space craft. [click Tab 1]

2. ROSWELL MYTH. Why the Roswell, New Mexico 1947 UFO crash and alien corpses event was a myth, (and also how the Men in Black myth got started). So much time and effort is spent keeping the Roswell and Aztec New Mexico myths alive (and selling books about it) that it detracts from the many much better documented cases of close encounters with UFOs. [click Tab 2]

3. RENDLESHAM FOREST REALITY. Why the Rendlesham (Bentwaters - Woodbridge air force bases case of 1980) is one of the very best cases to support the ETH (a triangular flying craft was seen and touched and sketched by a US Air Force security sergeant, and was witnessed taking off from the forest by two security years before the first F-117 stealth plane flew, plus the F-117 has no vertical take off or landing ability nor hyper sonic speeds). Also why the Rendlesham events cannot be fully explained away by the Orfordness lighthouse and Shipwash light ship nor by the wreckage of the upper stage of the rocket for the Cosmos 749 satellite burning up (9 pm Christmas Day) nor by the fireball meteor that fell over Southern England at 3 a.m. on 26th Dec. 1980 and only was visible for 3 - 4 seconds. Certainly these events must have been seen by the USAF staff and played a role in the events (visit www.ianridpath.com), but they cannot fully explain it. [click Tab 3]

4. (a) UFO Neurosis (a new psychiatric diagnosis) which applies to people who believe that they have been kidnapped by space aliens (so-called "alien abductions"). Whether or not the event occurred the way they remember it, they do suffer from an hysterical neurosis caused by whatever the actual event was.
(b) (Combined in same article as the above). Alien abductions (UFO encounters involving abductions by space aliens) are actually "screen memories" of sexual assaults, usually committed by family members or trusted friends.
(c) I apply the above ideas to the famous Barney and Betty Hill case of 1961 and briefly to a few other cases including that of an experiencer who is a close friend. [click Tab 4]

5. A different hypothesis that applies psychologist Julan Jaynes' 1976 theory about the bicameral mind to alien abductees or "experiencers" to suggest that they (or at least some of them) have bicameral brains like everyone did 4000 years and more ago (according to Jaynes). The aim here is not to disparage contactees as atavistic genetic throwbacks. In a way we can envy them as they experience (what seem to them to be) abductions by aliens, past life regressions, encounters with angels, visits to fairy land or leprauchan land, communication with the deceased, astral travel etc. that the rest of us don't. [click Tab 5]